Dating websites for kids 12 14

Created by Utah State University, the online library’s goal is purely to engage students.Specifically, it’s to help teachers provide students with more activities.

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The library contains manipulation tasks targeted to students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.

For example, a grade 6 geometry activity involves using geoboards to illustrate area, perimeter and rational number concepts. The website lists skills, such as telling time and the order of operations.

These skills are rooted in algebra, geometry, statistics and other topics.

In total, the online academy has more than 20,000 closed-captioned videos and material covering more than 5,000 topics.

You can also download many of the resources for offline use.

The website clearly looks like it’s from the 1990s, but stopped uploading content in 2006.

Students can, for example, read an example-filled walkthrough about how to order decimals.

At the end of the walkthrough, they’ll be able to complete exercises to test how well they processed the content.

Whereas one requires basic division, another involves converting measurements through multiplication.

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