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Francis Hopkinson's "Battle of the Kegs" - MIDI Bedding of the Bride - 18th/19th century Scottish dance tune, from Simon Fraser - MIDI Beeswing, Scottish/North England - Hornpipe by 19th Century fiddler James Hill, .................................the fiddle key, B flat - MIDI Beeswing In G, Same Hornpipe - in the dulcimer friendly key of G - MIDI Beau's Life, 18th Century Humorous song - in theoriginal key of Gm - MIDI Beau's Life In Am, 18th Century Humorous song - in the dulcimer friendly key of Am - MIDI Captain Mac Heath's Soliloqy - (Greensleeves Variant) - A cynical song, sung by Mac Health while in prison waiting to be hanged on Tyburn Tree.

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) set as a duet - MIDI Greensleeves - Captain Mac Heath's song from the Beggar's Opera, with lyrics - MIDI Greenwoodside - Scottish reel, arranged with some "jazzy" chording, and a piano accompaniment MIDI Halting March, or Pikemen's March - Irish, 18th Century - MIDI Hamilton House, or Col.

Hamilton's Delight -Scottish jig, 18th Century - MIDI Harvest Home Hornpipe - Lively hornpipe, widely known and played - MIDI ....

Petrie, Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Gaspe Reel - French Canadian reel MIDI Gaudeamus Igitur - German student drinking song, in Latin, with lyrics.

Good for Oktoberfest MIDI Get Up Early - Irish, Bunting - from 1792 Harp Festival - MIDI - Two Part MIDI Get Up Early Duet - Irish, Bunting, Slow 6/8 Am, two staff duet - MIDI Give Me Your Hand - See Da Mihi Manum Gillis' Victory - American, contemporary fast reel - MIDI Glory of the West - English - Playford tune set in Gm and in Am - MIDI God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, English Carol - 18th Century arrangement in Am, with lyrics, SATB - MIDI God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, English Carol arrangement in Am and Em, with transition MIDI Good King Wenceslaus - Traditional Christmas Carol, straight melody MIDI Good King Wenceslaus - Traditional, "modernized" two part arrangement, modal melody MIDI Gravel Walk - Irish reel - MIDI Green Grow the Rashes O - 18th Century Scottish Robert Burns song, related to the Mexican word "gringo" - MIDI Greensleeves - Duet - The traditional English (Henry VIII?

(Some other hornpipes and 49 other 18th Century tunes are in Kitchen Musician Book 16, and on the CD Pass'd Times.) Haste to the Wedding - also known as Croagh Patrick Scottish, 18th Century - two parts plus bass - MIDI Heart of Oak - David Garrick song from 1759 English musical theatre, popular through the Revolution - MIDI Highland Whiskey - Not just for breakfast.

Scottish strathspey in A - Athole Collection 1884 - MIDI Hoboekentanz - 16th century dance tune with two 6 bar parts - MIDI Hog Eyed Man - American fiddle tune, compare to Sally in the Garden - MIDI Hole in the Wall - 19th century American Clog dance from Kerr's collection set in Am.

Goes well in a medley with the Morrisque - MIDI Branle Double/Branle Simple/Branle Gay - Three short 16th century branles - MIDI Brian Boru's March, Irish - very old 6/8 march - MIDI Cantique de Noel - French 19th Century Christmas Song (O Holy Night)- MIDI Captain Mac Heath's Soliloqy - (Greensleeves Variant) - A cynical song, sung by Mac Health while in prison waiting to be hanged on Tyburn Tree.

In A minor- MIDI Carol of the Bells - Christmas carol, supposedly from a Russian melody, two parts - treble and bass - MIDI Carol of the Bells - Same two parts but with bass line written in treble clef, to be played an octave lower.

Mc Leod of Raasay - Scottish 18th century ancestor of Miss Mc Leod's Reel - MIDI Munster Cloak - Irish 16th/17th century harp tune, Key of G, with a harmony part - MIDI - MIDI Melody My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing- Scottish jig and song from Robert Burns - MIDI My Wild Irish Rose - American Irish theatre, St.

Paddy's Day favorite - MIDI Nancy Dawson- English jig and song honoring 18th Century dancer Nancy Dawson- MIDI Night Before Larry Was Stretched - Irish, traditional 19th Century 9/8 song in Gm - MIDI Night Before Larry Was Stretched - Irish, traditional 19th Century 9/8 song in Am - MIDI Nine Points of Roguery - Irish, traditional reel, session tune - MIDI Nottingham Ale - 18th Century English drinking song, with lyrics - see "Liliburlero" - MIDI Nyth y Gwcw - Welsh "Cuckoo's Nest" in Dm - MIDI Nyth y Gwcw - Welsh "Cuckoo's Nest" in Am- MIDI O Holy Night - French 19th Century Christmas Song (Cantique de Noel)- MIDI O Come O Come, Emmanuel - Traditional Christmas Song with Jewish overtones - MIDI O'Connor's Polka - Irish Polka, with piano accompaniment staves MIDI Off She Goes - Traditional Irish jig..D.lyrics - MIDI Old Grey Cat - Traditional fiddle tune in Em - MIDI Old Joe Clark - American traditional - with April Fools Day lyrics by famous poets - MIDI Olde Yeare Now Away Has Fled, The - English carol published in 1642.

- MIDI Bonaparte's Retreat - The traditional fiddle tune, not the 1812 overture, plus the Hootchy Kootchy Song - MIDI Bonnie Annie, by 18th century Scottish fiddler Daniel Dow, reel, playable as strathspey - MIDI, arranged as strathspey, then as a reel - multitrack Booth Killed Lincoln, Anerican fiddle tune, perhaps not the best choice for President's Day- MIDI Boys of Wexford, Irish March, 19th Century, and perhaps 1798(?

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