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Remember back when women traded on their beauty and men traded on their wealth and power? As women grow more successful and financially independent, they are abandoning their mothers' "marry rich" mantra in favor of "it's as easy to fall in love with a handsome man as an ugly one." In this book, the sensational Cyndi Targosz teaches women of all ages the ins and outs of these lusty, and surprisingly long-lasting, affairs.

Sprinkled with real-life stories of successful alliances, readers learn the truth about relationships with the sometimes younger, always sexier, hunky men women increasingly love to call their own.

I knew that I would hear from many women in their 40's and up but did not expect a whopping 20 percent of the women to be in their late 20's and 30's.

After reading their responses I concluded that these women are still experiencing the same dating double standards that their older counterparts (40 ) experience.

Would you like us to take another look at this review?

This young woman was a local reporter anxious to interview me after hearing about my philosophy of ageless love on National Public Radio (NPR).

I'd heard all the research from AARP, read the online polls, and seen the media frenzy about older women dating younger men.

Clearly, many women 40 and up are choosing younger men.

However, I'm the kind of person who asks a lot of questions and has to get to the bottom of everything.

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