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This issue covers the following: Ø Toronto's Vital Signs Report: One Peace Toronto Ø Behind the Bargains: How the Sharing Economy Impacts Health Ø Implementing Housing First – Lessons from Toronto, Part #1 Ø Minimum Wage Rates in Canada: 1965-2015 Ø Leaving Some Behind: What Happens When Workers Get Sick This issue covers the following: Ø The Price of Public Health Care Insurance Ø Low Earnings, Unfilled Prescriptions: Employer-Provided Health Benefit Coverage in Canada Ø The Future of Public Housing: Trends in Public Housing Internationally Ø Housing Trends and Affordability Ø Money in Motion: Modernizing Canada’s Payment System Ø Compulsory Government Pensions vs.Private Savings: The Effect of Previous Expansion to the Canada Pension Plan Ø Our Communities Our Youth: The Health of Homeless and Street-Involved Youth in BC Ø Memory Disabilities among Canadians Aged 15 Years and Older, 2012 Ø The Recession’s Impact on Canada’s Labour Market Ø Facing FAQS: H1N1 and Homelessness in Toronto This issue covers the following: Ø The Use of Research-Based Evidence in Public Policy in Canada Ø Architecture Disability Supports: Missing On the Policy Radar Ø The Structure and Presentation of Provincial Budgets Ø What to Do about Canada’s Declining Math Scores Ø Mental Health and Contact with Police in Canada, 2012This issue covers the following: Ø Contracting Out At the City: Effects on Workers’ Health Ø Measuring Tax Complexity in Canada Ø The Impacts of Affordable Housing on Health Ø Renewing Canada’s Social Architecture Employment Skills Training Ø Sources of Debt Accumulation in Resource-Dependent Provinces (This link will take you partway down the page you're now reading, where you'll find links to over three dozen earlier issues of the SPARmonitor going back to June 2011.)Getting the Design Right on the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) https:// Ontario Ministry of Finance consultation February 13, 2015 By Sheila Block and Hugh Mackenzie The Ontario government has been consulting on how to design the province's proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP).Part Two: Employment Insurance benefits: While you are on pregnancy or parental leave, you might be able to get Employment Insurance (EI) pregnancy or parental benefits.

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NOTE : The complete report is available in English only.)Winnipeg, Manitoba: Toronto, Ontario: Card Ontario Nov182016French version : Ont Rep Card Nov232016

u=a90945b6cbae71eebd4485b0b&id=015f09ccd8&e=[UNIQID] [Click the link below to access the following newsletter articles.] --- Caring for our Climate --- UN Summit on Refugees --- Upcoming Events in Vancouver, Toronto, & Ottawa --- Welcome Asha and Bolu! Working to end poverty in Canada requires a great deal of persistence and effort.

By Kaylie Tiessen May 9, 2016 This report drills down on one key but complex policy file that is essential to the province meeting its commitment to reduce poverty and to improve income security for both children and adults: social assistance.

The poverty gap for single individuals who qualify for Ontario Works or its equivalent has increased by almost 200% since 1993, and people receiving benefits from Ontario’s social assistance programs are living in a greater depth of poverty now than a generation ago.

Ontario budgets analysis & critiques --- Ontario anti-poverty strategies and poverty reduction --- Early Learning and Child Care (for all Ontario ECD links) --- Case Law / Court Decisions / Inquests - incl. --- Provincial-Territorial Political Parties and Elections in Canada - incl.

Ontario election links --- Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients in Ontario This factsheet contains current rate information (benefit levels) for 15 federal and Ontario financial assistance programs.Abstract: https:// Complete report (PDF - 9.5MB, 60 pages): https:// Office/2016/06/CCPA Ontario On Policy Summer 2016(July 5, 2016) This issue of On Policy gives you a road map to working poverty in nine Ontario cities: Ottawa, London, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Waterloo Region, Sudbury, Windsor and Hamilton.The Summer 2016 issue of On Policy also offers some solutions to the problems of working poverty, such as improving food security and providing dental benefits for the working poor, raising the minimum wage to an hour, tackling precarity in the workplace and improving working conditions for low-wage work.Our work focuses on providing information to people who face barriers to accessing the justice system, including income, disability, literacy, and language.As a community legal clinic and part of Ontario's legal aid system, we work in partnership with other legal clinics and community organizations across the province.--- Guide to welfare in Ontario --- Provincial government --- NGO/Municipal govt. Ontario budget links --- Federal, provincial and territorial budgets - incl.

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