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[NOTE : Clicking the link above will take you partway down the Ontario Government Links page of this website.]Abstract: This paper examines 15 years of income inequality for families raising children in Ontario (2000 to 2015), comparing it with national data for context, and finds several disturbing trends.

The data reveal that Ontario is becoming more polarized as middle and working class families see their share of the income pie shrinking while upper middle and rich families take home even more.

Ontario budgets analysis & critiques --- Ontario anti-poverty strategies and poverty reduction --- Early Learning and Child Care (for all Ontario ECD links) --- Case Law / Court Decisions / Inquests - incl. --- Provincial-Territorial Political Parties and Elections in Canada - incl.

CPJ will submit briefs outlining our recommendations for policy that will make a difference for those living in poverty. event [ https://ca/chew ] will involve over 50 communities across Canada.

We will be calling for meaningful consultations that give priority to the voices of people with lived experience of poverty and reflect the human rights framework and policy recommendations outlined in the Dignity for All model national anti-poverty plan [

This submission to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, by CCPA-Ontario Senior Economist Sheila Block and CCPA-Research Associate Hugh Mackenzie, details how the government can get the pension plan design right for all workers in Ontario.

Ontario’s year-to-date unemployment rate is now 7.3%.

Our work focuses on providing information to people who face barriers to accessing the justice system, including income, disability, literacy, and language.

As a community legal clinic and part of Ontario's legal aid system, we work in partnership with other legal clinics and community organizations across the province.Birth mothers can take both pregnancy leave and parental leave. Pregnancy leave is sometimes called maternity leave.It can be taken during pregnancy, after the birth of the baby, or a combination of both.Part Two: Employment Insurance benefits: While you are on pregnancy or parental leave, you might be able to get Employment Insurance (EI) pregnancy or parental benefits.Since 1974, CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario) has developed clear, accurate, and practical legal rights education and information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights.Public Interest Advocacy Centre along with other groups wants CRTC to mandate a basic internet service available and affordable to all Canadians https://ca/our-specialities/the-basic-service-objective-hearings/Report: Household food insecurity in Canada: Problem definition and potential solutions in the public policy domain Bulletin is a quick inventory of current social research information.

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