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This trend is far from true in Russia, however, where over 15.1 million users visit Livejournal each month – over half of the site’s total traffic.

Personal blogs are a great way to develop and share your opinion and perspectives online in a way that allows for more thought and discussion than the sort of short messages shared on more recent social media profiles.

Along with these traditional functions, users can also upload video and audio files of any kind and share these resources with other users as well.

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Instagram is rapidly moving up the social media ranks in Russia, and currently has 12.3 million monthly users (77% of whom are younger females).

This shift in popularity is thanks in large part to cross-posting between Instagram and other platforms, where users will use Instagram’s great photo editing tools to enhance and caption a photo, and then post it both to Instagram and to other popular social media websites.

The website helps individuals looking to build serious relationships find partners through its psychological tests.

Launched in 2011, is operated from Moscow, Russia."is an online dating website that matches and connects Russian-speaking single adults around the world with one another.

While over 82% of the population uses social media accounts, they may not be accounts on websites that you recognize.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube dominate the social media world in most countries, but Russia (and some surrounding areas such as Kazakstan and Ukraine) often prefer regional replacements for these platforms.There are a lot of interesting facts about VK, but the platform is best described as a combination between Facebook and a file sharing platform.Much like Facebook, users have a profile and can easily search for and add other users to follow their status updates, photos, and videos.While VK may be most popular with younger users (ages 18-34), older social media users generally prefer the social media site OK (originally Odnoklassniki – “classmates”).has over 31.5 million viewers a month, with the majority (69%) being women.Moi Mir’s search strategy includes several questions focused on a person’s dating life, which is something that most other social media sites have yet to do.

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