Free web cam xxx no sign up - Dating site landing page

The variation pages also showed a sidebar with search functionality and customer testimonials.

The original landing page displayed the user’s profile with a large yellow call-to-action box in the center of the page.

Dating site marketers struggle in an insanely competitive market, including lots of popular free sites. Here’s the (absolutely pitiful) data from a survey we ran last year to mainstream marketers in the US.

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As a dating site, Soulmates’ primary goal is to convert visitors into paid subscribers.

They drive a majority of their traffic directly from ads placed on The Guardian’s news pages.

She aimed to gather learnings through a combination of qualitative data from user research and quantitative data from A/B testing.

Working closely with the UX team, Kerstin frequently employs user research to shape her A/B testing hypotheses.

Because a site visitor’s “Top matches” do not change frequently, Kerstin hypothesized that visitors thought the site looked stale and lifeless.

She wondered if changing “Top matches” to “Newly joined members” would garner more engagement and increase click-throughs to individual profiles.

After the success of Soulmate’s first test using the “people first” strategy, Kerstin decided to run a second test on the site’s navigation bar.

The original navigation bar displayed six default tabs.

Which is one reason you don’t hear their execs talking in public about testing a lot.

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