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And Uruguay has some of the priciest power costs on the planet.Our first energy bill was about 0 — for two weeks.

“Bring everything you can with you.” That may be a little hyperbolic.

But the cost of living here is much, much higher than you’d expect, especially if you’re in the habit of buying anything that’s of a decent quality or — horror of horrors — imported.

(David Mc New/Getty Images) Ok, so Uruguay just legalized the cultivation, sale and taxation of weed. To buy weed here, you have to register with the government, which will track your pot purchases, capped at 40 grams a month.

That’s of serious concern to some activists, who call the law regressive and Orwellian. (Miguel Rojo/AFP/Getty Images) If you like grilled red meat, you’ll be in heaven in Uruguay.

The same model’s on sale in a Montevideo mall for $800. Rent for our three-bedroom apartment in a nice part of town is about $1,500 a month.

That’s not crazy expensive, but it ain’t cheap, either.

Web use has been steadily rising here for the last few years and now stands at about 55 percent, according to the World Bank, about average for this part of the world, but still far lower than in the United States (81 percent) or UK (88 percent).

And very few transactions can be done online here, even though studies show e-commerce is growing quickly in neighboring countries.

Come on down, but expect to spend hours and hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair, waiting for your number to be called. A Uruguayan schoolgirl takes a picture of a calf during a class visit to a farm with her laptop, which was part of a government plan to distribute computers to every student.

(Miguel Rojo/AFP/Getty Images) Uruguay hands out free laptops to all school kids. But largely speaking, the country has failed to embrace technology — particularly the internet.

When friends visit, we’re at a loss as to where to take them out for dinner.

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