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All are stamped onthe bottom rx26amp;r mfg co, quadruple new york and the number 3. Davisseptember 19, 2013 at pmingeneral because of the higher price and the fact that a customer wantspeople using their silver to know that it is sterling if it isamerican made it is marked sterling.

It couldx26#39;ve been a sugar x26amp;cream or jewellery or something of that sort.

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I would enjoy anyinfo on this that you could provide, and would gladly share a pic ifyou care to see. Davisfebruary14, 2012 at amthe best way to tell age is by style, you ccan sendme pics at redavis001 (at) gmail.

The ladlewas in my momx26#39;s silverplate chest and had probably belonged toher mother (maybe), since mom was born in 1920. Faroe islands dating site, faroe islands singles site, faroe ....

Randomly with people you peoplelike the person, you are sure to enjoy your.

Expecting dating to fulfillall your needs is unrealistic and might attract (or cause you toaccept) people who arent right for you.

I will now check withmy aunt to see if there are other pieces to the silverplatepuzzle. A rodgers a 1 with thehorseshoe after it on the back.

Davisseptember 19, 2013 at pmthenumber is most likely the stock number.

Hotelplate was made under the rogers name by oneida and usually had athicker plate because it received more wear.

Hotel plate iscollectable and some people specialize in it.

Again, if anyone cantell me if this is sterling silver or just silver plated, please usethe email above and feel free to contact me with any information youmay have. Could this be anitem produced before the i s took them over. Sailor springs dating site, 100% free online dating in sailor ....

I see that the rogers piece must havebeen made after 1862.

The 07 means 1907 and that is the year the pattent on tehpattern was filed.

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