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Shoppers can browse upcoming items that will be on sale, but the size of the discount is hidden until the deal goes live.

Always-active forums are the highlight at Slickdeals.

Although the site posts deals on all sorts of items, it focuses on finding and sharing coupon codes and sales for computers, phones, cameras, TVs, and other electronics.

The mobile app has location services to make it easy to find coupons while shopping offline.

Save favorite stores and coupons to pull them up quickly.

Members report their success when trying out coupon codes and often collaborate to help others get the best deal available.

The site doesn't have a particular product focus; members post everything from electronics promotions to half-off underwear sales and even moneymaking deals such as a $100 gift card for $70.

Coupons are listed along with the associated retailer, item, expiration date, and coupon source.

This site draws from other major aggregators such as, as well as individual retailers such as Target, so users can search thousands of coupons in one place.

Promo codes are shared among members before they show up on other sites.

Forum members are quite savvy, on the whole, and the site has a tight-knit community feel.

The database may look a little messy, but with 4,000 coupons, it's hard to complain.

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