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If you have been a loyal high yield savings depositor they quietly launch a new product money Market savings and then promote that rate to let you think it applies to you too. Obviously the senior folks think their customers are STUPID and really don’t deserve your business.

I has a nice feature that I liked that shows you your earned interest per day.

I haven't seen that at any other banking institution that I've used in the past.

For now the extra point five percent is by far not worth the anxiety of dealing with banks like this.

There are currently fair to good internet banks offering 1.7% on money markets.

My advice, teach them a lesson and close your account, spread the word that this bank is BAD News!!

I have recently opened MM account and CDs with CIT to-date I have found their customer service very poor.

I currently have a savings account with CIT Bank for approx. I signed up for a 0 promotion and have not yet received the bonus in my account.

Unfortunately, I have tried to follow up thru their customer service telephone system.

Perhaps they will get it right some day I have been using CIT Bank's Savings Account for the past year. I have contacted the customer support service about twice for different inquiries on my account, including app setup and balance statements.

The reason I chose the account is because they offered the highest savings account interest rate, currently at 1.55% APY for balances under 0,000. Each call only lasted a few minutes and I was able to get the information I needed quickly.

I plan to continue banking with them and definitely recommend them to others.

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