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If you have been a loyal high yield savings depositor they quietly launch a new product money Market savings and then promote that rate to let you think it applies to you too. Obviously the senior folks think their customers are STUPID and really don’t deserve your business. When you call to complain and wait in cue they admit to you they understand how you feel and then try to just convert your account to make you feel better.

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I have never received such a large sum of money at once and didn't know what to do with it. I spent some time looking at the savings possibilities, customer service and online banking capabilities for all the banks and I chose CIT Bank.

I consulted a financial advisor the company I work for uses and he advised a savings account as I have a family and we know we want to buy a house one day. I am really glad I did, I have not had any problems.

I has a nice feature that I liked that shows you your earned interest per day.

I haven't seen that at any other banking institution that I've used in the past.

I plan to continue banking with them and definitely recommend them to others.

Last year my grandma died and she left me and my cousins all ,000.

Most other banks with savings account offers do not come close to the high APY CIT offers, which is why I am sticking with it.

CIT bank is pretty great for making a return on your investment in a savings account.

They must be overwhelmed with the response I thought.

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