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Seriousness and joy of life is inside me and I clearly distinguish these things.

I am looking for a man who feels that he has enough place in his heart and life for me and for family! I always try to see positive moments in everything and I value sincerity and honesty.

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State that you're looking for dating or friendship.

So many women (and I guess men) are posting that they are looking for a relationship or looking to get married. Tell them you're looking for friends or to date - you'll stand a better chance at meeting someone you like because there's no "relationship" attached to it. Telling men that you're adamant about a relationship sometimes makes them drive you nuts or gives them expectations.

My son of 38 years old is an accountant, and never been married before - but had a steady girlfriend in Vancouver until he moved back here 10 years ago.

He always wanted to have a family with the right person, but that right person never came along - and a lot of times it's been the case of women around 28 - 30 thinking he is over the hill, and wanting a family, finding someone close to his age would be much riskier in terms of having a healthy child (A woman's ability to conceive declines after age 35, and by 40 the chances drop dramatically with every year - and by age 45 natural conception is basically a no-go, while a man can still be fertile in his mid-50's).

positive out look, live and let live, forgive and forget but learn form your mistakes.

Just tell you a little about my self though...i'm 46 years old single , i love the outdoor life and i like to live life to the fullest whenever i can because life is too short so i enjoy every bit of it the best way i c.. I'm fairly new to Kelowna and I'm not into the bar scene and I've had poor experiences with online dating sites.What I would like to find is if there is a local dating agency that pre-screens applicants and provides introductions for local professionals.Like anything - if they sound too good to be true, they probably are - i've been sent pictures that were 10 years old and pictures of "someone else" just so they can meet up "with expectations".I hate liars and I will tell them that to their face and walk out. Someone that oversells themselves on how great they are? If I suspect that they aren't being themselves, i'm out. I enjoy all sorts of movies, music, art, games, sports and many other aspect..

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