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In Louisville though, online dating will probably get you more or less nowhere, and hook-up apps won’t help much after 30. Who has that kind of time when it’s easier to just hang out at the nearest bar?

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The Indiana State Department of Health in Indianapolis has birth records for every county in Indiana dating from October, 1907, and death records from 1900.

Writing court reports, Testifying in court, Home visits, School visits, are all part of a typical work day I learned how to execute time management; Utilize social work skills(empathy)The hardest pat of the job was removal of children The most rewarding part of the job was reuniting families Stressful job but if you are called to do this type of work, this is the place to put your social work degree to work.

You dont make a ton of money, but its a government job and the benefits are outstanding. This job is also extremely stressful, between removing children from their home and testifying in court.

I loved working for DCS, however, I worked a lot of hours. I never really seemed to be able to disconnect from work.

With my experience, there were days where I felt that I had done something beneficial to the community and I felt a sense of reward when I was able to help a family.

However, most days, I felt stress, overworked, and didn't feel that the effort I was putting in was fully recognized. Have a morning meeting, typing notes from the day before until 12pm.

The pay is not very good for management positions or middle management positions.

There is no overtime provided even though we work upward to 60 hrs a week (sometimes longer).

Every day someone on your team is up for one hours - i.e.

up to receive immediate reports that you have to go out in within the next hour and complete a full assessment.

The pay isn't terrible but you'll never feel like you are compensated for all that you do. DCS has really good benefits, discount opportunities, and opportunities for advancement. You are never alone in making your decisions or staffing cases.

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