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£100,000 would seem fair considering the fact that GPs are saving lives.' Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Tax Payers' Alliance, said: 'Some GPs are now earning jaw-dropping amounts of money despite a reduction in their requirement to do out-of-hours work.

'With many people struggling even to get appointments it is ludicrous that GP pay has soared.

The locally owned and operated Nurse Next Door team truly believes that happiness is derived from the company of family and friends we keep.

Owen and Robert promise to do whatever it takes to find the perfect caregiver for their clients while providing fast and easy access to the help they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

El Dorado Hills is one of the most prestigious residential areas in northern California.

This welcoming community is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, between the San Francisco Bay area and the scenic Lake Tahoe basin.

During this time, Owen focused on reducing the cost of healthcare by directly working with medical groups and hospitals to improve affordability & quality of care through the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program.

Owen noticed that many admissions, missed medications, delayed hospital discharges and missed physician appointments were due to the lack of support in the client’s home.The trust, covering 40 surgeries in the Colchester area, would not name the doctor or say whether the figure included outgoings.A GP in Kirklees, which covers Huddersfield and Dewsbury, took home £321,794 and the highest-earning family doctor in the South London boroughs of Sutton and Merton earned £319,000.The pay and perks of every GP should be published to let taxpayers assess if we're getting good value.' But the British Medical Association said: 'These figures don't tally with statistics based on GPs' tax returns.'Primary care trusts have information based on the amount of income a practice receives but this is not what GPs earn, as clearly there are many expenses such as staff and rent to be paid.' The Daily Mail used the Freedom of Information Act to ask primary care trusts for the family doctor with the largest earnings in their district.El Dorado Hills is an unincorporated community of El Dorado County boasting a population of more than 40,000.

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