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He also played Jason in the big-screen feature Knocked Up (2007), Judd Apatow's uproarious follow-up to The 40-Year-Old Virgin.Fresh off his success in Knocked Up, Segel parlayed his newfound wide-scale popularity into the ultimate chance to showcase his skills, writing and starring in the side splitting romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), alongside Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Russell Brand.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a 2008 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Nicholas Stoller and starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Russell Brand.

The film, which was written by Segel and co-produced by Judd Apatow, was released by Universal Studios.

The massively succesful film also featured a supporting performance by funnyman Paul Rudd, who reteamed with Segal for 2009's buddy comedy I Love You, Man.

Having found a niche with audiences, the actor next picked up another tonally similar comedy, appearing with Cameron Diaz in the sharp witted, hard-R rated Bad Teacher in 2011.

Find a new show." "Aldous Snow: [holding a single sandal] I've lost a shoe... Sarah Marshall: Yeah, I can't come cause I have a job.

Sarah Marshall: I didn't know you were going on tour. It's like an 18 month tour, 43 countries, Infant Sorrow, and it's gonna be a massive tour.

Later that same year, Segal showcased his talents on both sides of the camera yet again, writing the script for a reboot of Jim Henson's beloved Muppets, and starring in the film alongside the furry stars as well.

As Segal geared up for 2012, he signed on to star alongside Emily Blunt in the romantic comedy A Five Year Engagement.

I don't know why they call them that." "Sarah Marshall: Remember how we thought the killer masturbated before commiting his crimes?

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