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"Sarah Marshall: [Peter can't perform in bed] What's wrong with you? Maybe the problem is that you broke my heart into a million pieces and so my cock doesn't want to be around you anymore! I'll serenade you every night in front of thousands of women.

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– Sarah Marshall and her new boyfriend, the rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand).

Over the course of the film, Peter fights his feelings for Sarah while also trying to move on.

Aldous Snow: Well, look, you know, I've not told you I've got genital herpes, because it's not inflamed at the moment..." You don't have to be a genius to sound like one.

But telling me now isn't really the same as telling me. Peter Bretter: I tried to be, but she didn't listen.

Born January 18th, 1980, the first decade or so of Jason Segel's career as a Hollywood actor, he spent his time earning cult-favorite status -- beginning with the jet-black comedy Dead Man on Campus (1998), then the NBC comedy drama Freaks and Geeks (1999).

Segel subsuquently achieved broader recognition for his long-running performance as Marshall on the beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Rachel (Mila Kunis), who works at the hotel, tries to help him out.

You’ll have a hard time finding a funnier movie on Netflix than Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I don't know why they call them that." "Sarah Marshall: Remember how we thought the killer masturbated before commiting his crimes?

Looks like where he's going he'll need to know how to masturbate." "Sarah Marshall: When were you planning on telling me this? Here's a collection of the most profound and provocative wit and wisdom in the English language in two lines or less. Shanahan, who created the wildly successful Hooked on Phonics program, this wonderful book presents the best that has been thought and said on every imaginable topic.

Peter Bretter: I told her that when she read the script Aldous Snow: Yeah, you were the voice of reason, mate. Peter Bretter: Why couldn't you just take the battery out of the phone?

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