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You thought Italy had an immigration problem with lots of African boat-people applying for citizenship?

Well, the problem just worsened by one, and the petitioner is this floppy-fringed, Oscar-winning son of the pretty village of Grayshott, Hampshire — about as English a place as you can get. Colin's parents were academics and the family also lived in Nigeria and the U. That peripatetic background may explain his Mediterranean yearnings.

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If Mrs May doesn't watch her step, it is possible he might rip up his British passport. Far from the quintessentially pukka type of fellow you might think he is from his many film roles, 56-year-old Firth is one of life's foot-stampers.

If you are looking for the male equivalent to Emma Thompson, the high mistress of political correctness, Colin's your man. Rupert Everett, who worked with Firth in the early Eighties and uttered that naughty comment about him being a 'redbrick socialist', recalls that his young co-star was a 'grim Guardian reader in sandals'.

The characteristics of a coddler that are used to determine the type of coddler are the backstamp and the screw threads.

In many cases, we may refer to a backstamp style by the type of coddler upon which it was seen.Which was the film star and which the young political leader of the coming age? And yet, as can happen when luvvies stray into politics, the affair soured. But before you ladies become too eggy round the eyes and start sighing, know that he learned the language after meeting his molta bella wife, Italian film producer Livia Giuggioli (and he insists he's applying for dual citizenship to have the same passports as his family).Colin became disenchanted when Mr Clegg and his MPs placed ministerial perks before principle and broke their election promises on university tuition fees.'I can no longer support the Lib Dems! Colin is, as they say in Italian restaurants, riservato. He excels at playing upper-middle-class English men, perhaps a little dull round the edges and intellectually blunt, but inside as solid as old fruit cake. They are constrained by their manners and a decent sense of English awkwardness about emotion. , George in A Single Man, Geoffrey Thwaites in St Trinian's, Jamie in Love Actually, Japanese Po W hero Eric Lomax in The Railway Man, Mr Brown in Nanny Mc Phee and even the more complicated Bill Haydon in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (written by that other surprising Euro-luvvie, John le Carre).However, two types of coddler, or two sub-types of coddler, are distinguished from one another by the combination of backstamp impression, color of the backstamp, method of application of the backstamp to the coddler, material and spacing of the screw threads, and other discernable differences in manufacturing process or visual characteristic, other than the pattern.Type 1 has a backstamp that consists of a shield with the words ROYAL CHINA WORKS over the top and WORCESTER underneath. This backstamp is actually the imprint of George Grainger and Company.There are not many Italians named Colin, but their ranks will be swelled by yesterday's news that Colin Firth is to take Italian citizenship. Colin Firth, as British as Jermyn Street shirts and Worcestershire sauce, is going to become an Italian? In a sweeping 'that'll-show-the-ungrateful-fools' move, he has applied to Italy for joint citizenship.

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