Dating peter wright anvils

used." I agree that that's the accepted rule of thumb for anvil prices.The thing is, it's been the rule of thumb for at least the last 25 years and vdry few anvils actually seem to sell for quite that much then or now - usually more like $.75-.80 a and now.__________________________________ Peter wright anvils were made from about 1830 till at least around WWII, these Anvils, at least the older ones were made with steel faces forge welded on wrought iron bodies, never cast iron,[about the only quality Anvil that has a cast iron body is the Fisher].

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The auctioneer described it as a 100 lb anvil but you should have heard some of his other tool descriptions.

(BTW, Brian Pennington, Vern Gannon is a speed demon compared to these guys).

Toward the end of their production,[1930's] they apparently made the anvils out of solid steel, these were not marked "Solid Wrought" apparently.

Dating PW's involves a little guess work, earliest pre 1850 ones have a thick blocky look about them, between 1852-60 they are marked with the word "Patent",this was when they started the very distinctive "Lip" that runs across the top of the feet.

message_id=9898 3#message Amazing what we can find in the archive! The 77lb anvil is my favorite but only because it belonged to my great grandfather.

It is the only tool that I own that came from my own family. Keith Rucker Tifton, GA -- This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by Mail Scanner, and is believed to be clean. Mine says "PETER WRIGHT PATENT" in large letters and "Solid Wrought" with the letters forming a circle. luck finding a decent (ie, useable) anvil in the western parts of the US of A for the "traditional" dollar a pound.

Todd to determine weight and I haven't put it on a scale.

Here is something from the archives that I posted some time ago on how to read the "stone system" which was used on many English anvils to show their weight: A 400 lb Fisher (which I bought for ), a 115lb unmarked (paid for it with a bunch of other blacksmithing tools) and a 77lb Swedish made anvil.

===== Roger Nixon Out in the Flint Hills of Kansas Do you Yahoo!? Key thing to check on yours is a fairly flat face, and that it has a good rebound. Alot of peter wrights have a steel face with a cast iron body.

(Take a ball bearing and drop it from a known height on it. You should be able to see the weld line like on early plane irons.

I picked up (literally) a Peter Wright anvil at an auction Saturday.

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