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The numbers 1 0 0 are stamped on it but not in a very neat line. ===== Roger Nixon Out in the Flint Hills of Kansas Do you Yahoo!? I always keep my eye peeled, and haven't seen many that sell (or carry a price sticker) for less than double that, and ranging upward from there.

From Keith Rucker's post I found the thread where you and Keith told how to read the markings. The going rate for swage blocks, if you can find one, is worse (for the would-be buyer).

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Todd to determine weight and I haven't put it on a scale.

Here is something from the archives that I posted some time ago on how to read the "stone system" which was used on many English anvils to show their weight: A 400 lb Fisher (which I bought for $50), a 115lb unmarked (paid $75 for it with a bunch of other blacksmithing tools) and a 77lb Swedish made anvil.

Local smiths/machinists can do a pretty nice job of re-finishing the top surfaces if they are not too far gone.

Special welding rods and some hammering and grinding. But about the highest per pound price I have seen on items is the ring cones - especially the four or five foot tall ones with the tong groove - Yikes - guess I won't ever have one.

I much prefer my old Fisher which sounds like a bag of wet cement and has a hard face.

Also the faces on the older PW's are made out of several pieces instead of just one plate like most anvils and I have seen them with one piece of the table plate busted off.Now you get to slide the slippery slope of hardy tools, tongs and hammers. Scott Quesnelle Who spent saturday working on the forge making a pair of scrapers for his bungee lathe, the start of a drawknife, and the beginnings of a run of mortice chisels in the Jim Wilson style.Oh and of course a couple of S hooks and candle stands for the SWIATBAC this anvil?message_id=9898 3#message Amazing what we can find in the archive! The 77lb anvil is my favorite but only because it belonged to my great grandfather.It is the only tool that I own that came from my own family. Keith Rucker Tifton, GA -- This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by Mail Scanner, and is believed to be clean. Mine says "PETER WRIGHT PATENT" in large letters and "Solid Wrought" with the letters forming a circle. luck finding a decent (ie, useable) anvil in the western parts of the US of A for the "traditional" dollar a pound.__________________________________ Peter wright anvils were made from about 1830 till at least around WWII, these Anvils, at least the older ones were made with steel faces forge welded on wrought iron bodies, never cast iron,[about the only quality Anvil that has a cast iron body is the Fisher].

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