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In the gym, it’s strictly business Don’t think shorter planks (a technical term) are allowed just because you’re going home together at the end of the session. You may end up as their project – but then what could be better than free PT lessons from your one and only?

They talk a lot about goals If you don’t have any – other than eating your entire secret stash of chocolate before they get home – you might need to change your fitness plan altogether.

And you really don’t want to know what they do while they’re on the loo. They never walk past a mirror without stopping to take in their own beauty Or a shop window. To be fair, you’d do the same if you had a bod like that. You will start to dread mealtimes and any mention of complex carbs will make your throat tighten Shame is doesn’t have the same effect on your abs. They remind you of the health risks of everything you put in your mouth You never knew there was so much to fear about red meat. Their love of sportswear can wear thin Do they own anything that 7.

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Time-crunched, body-obsessed celebrities have long frolicked with their personal trainers - some faring better than others.

The 32-year-old princess, who has battled anorexia, endeared herself to her country by marrying the commoner (but also filed a prenuptial agreement Monday).

Such nagging questions can be especially pesky for women who have shacked up with their personal trainers, as Swedish Crown Princess Victoria did, marrying her former trainer Daniel Westling last month.

Madonna remains on good terms with her ex-boyfriend Carlos Leon, a trainer who fathered her daughter Lourdes. In January, she began dating bodybuilder Emilio Masella, who worked out of Gold's Gym in New Haven, Conn.

This year she did the Toronto Women's Half Marathon without stopping once. Furey said, an intimate relationship with the trainer can boost self-image by making a woman more realistic about her regimen.

"If a woman has a week where she's really busy and she's not eating very well and hasn't had a chance to exercise, she wonders, 'Oh my god, what damage have I done this week?

Use this advice from five real-life, off-limits ladies—and go for the win.

It's not just her smoking-hot body that makes your heart race.

' I'm able to get a very realistic perspective from my husband who can say, 'Sometimes a rest is a good idea.

When you get back at it next week, you'll have more motivation and you'll probably work twice as hard.'" Diane Anderson, a Surrey, B.

Still, when the couple works out together on Saturdays, she has her moments.

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