Dating people with bipolar disorder ru dating marriage

They have ordinary lives laced with times of extreme behavior.

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These two selves were diametrically opposed to one another.

One was the daytime loving husband and father; the other, the queen of the night.

It doesn't matter is if it is cross-dressing, sadomasochism, prostitution, compulsive sex, pedophilia or rape.

On the internet I could find only three or four articles that dealt with the subject.

" I don't think you can simply say what I did wasn't the norm because there is no norm. Bipolar disorder leads to extreme behavior and extreme sexual behavior is a symptom.

Hypersexuality it is called and it "may include decreased inhibitions or a need for forbidden sex" as stated in

I have recovered from my addiction and my cross-dressing with the help of therapy and medication.

I have come to see my desire to become a woman as a manifestation of my illness that had its roots in childhood.

The more I sought out sex in gay bathhouses the worse I felt about myself, but I hid this behind a façade of normality.

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