employee workplace dating - Dating people with bipolar disorder

I have recovered from my addiction and my cross-dressing with the help of therapy and medication.I have come to see my desire to become a woman as a manifestation of my illness that had its roots in childhood.They have ordinary lives laced with times of extreme behavior.

Sex is deeply ingrained, be it be sexual identity or sexual proclivity.

I believe it comes out in mental illness in some form or the other, perhaps influenced by personal history or just plain biology.

Later after I had given up marijuana and became a Buddhist meditator, I abandoned this secret life for eight years.

I still had depressions and manic episodes, but they were not as severe and I could handle them. I got married and embarked on a productive professional career as an architect, but this period of tranquility did not last.

In my own case the sexual adventures, which I have recounted in vivid detail in my book, "Bipolar Bare", were associated both with both mania and depression.

A depressed rage would come over me, where I sought out high risk behavior in bathhouses. I would go into periods where I thought my life worthless, and vile.

After a few years the stresses in my life especially the problems of keeping an architectural practice flourishing lead me back into severe manic-depression and addiction.

The drug I became addicted to was far more powerful than marijuana. Jekyll could not and did not want to stop becoming Mrs. The dichotomy was a full expression of my manic self.

The suppression of sexual desire from medication was a more common topic of discussion.

Contrary to what is frequently discussed, I believe sexual excess is often the experience of the manic-depressed.

The more I sought out sex in gay bathhouses the worse I felt about myself, but I hid this behind a façade of normality.

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