Dating people in jail

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I have been dating a guy for several years, and I always thought something wasn’t quite right, but I ignored it.

“Throughout those four days they beat me, electrocuted me, they tortured me in ways I can’t describe,” he tells the film.

“They started making me memorise confessions, they told me you’re going to have to stand before someone and say what we tell you word for word...

The “guide”, who speaks in English, remarks: “This is supposed to be a solitary confinement cell...

I do not understand how three people can sleep in here.” He points out how bags of clothes, bottles of water, blankets and other personal effects are all either hung or nailed to the walls to maximise the available floor space.

Tayab Ali, a partner with the firm, Irvine Thanvi Natas, said: “As is clear from the footage, the standards in the jail are clearly below anything that could be described as acceptable, yet typical of the conditions that the regime is placing political prisoners in.

“We now also have very firm and concrete evidence of acts of torture being carried out to secure confessions of criminal acts.” Some Egyptian officials privately admit that the standard of prisons is a disgrace.

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