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It is very artfully trimmed with celluloid on the top and back edges, with the top ornamented with colored wood marquetry trim and a pearl sound hole ring.The bound ebony fingerboard has shaped pearl inlay, while the headstock has a pearl floral pattern and tuners inset from the back.Specs Radius Fingerboard Serial Number - 3514Case - Original Hard Case,500.00 Prior ads by this individual: 706 Prior replies by this individual: 1 Other recent ads placed: • Gibson F-2 1910s• Gibson H-4 Mandola• Epiphone Strand 1944• Bacon Artist Circa 1920 • Monteleone 10-String Late 1970s• Ellis F-5 Special New• Givens F5 1979• Gilchrist 5 1980• Flatiron Performer A 1992• Giacomel Custom• Gibson Pb-3 Conversion 1934• Mann Sem-5 2008• Weber Bitterroot F14-F New• Pava A-5 New• Gilchrist (Daniel) Victorian Mandolin New• BRW Ma-H2 2009• Collings MT 2004• Gibson A-50 1940 A rare and unusual instrument, this N. With handmade wooden hardshell case VGC but needs work (file & dress frets, fill & recut nut slots, new strings, setup, plus refit mandolin bridge, etc. Paypal preferred add 3 % but will accept visa, mc, discover with 3% fee as well.

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Stahl of Milwaukee, a virtuoso mandolin player who had turned to authoring instruction methods. Stahl was one of the Larson's big accounts in the 'aught years and 'teens.

Around 1906 the Larsons began supplying mandolins and guitars to Stahl, who claimed himself as the maker, a deception common in this "patent medicine" era. If Carl and August seemed reticent to promote themselves, William Stahl was the opposite: garrulous, confident, and endlessly chatty.

The tailpiece cover and tuner coverplate have neatly incised floral decoration, and the inlaid pickguard has a pearl floral pattern across the center.

The Larson Brothers' work has become better known in recent years, but their mandolin family instruments lag behind the guitars in appreciation. This mandolin is in fine and completely original condition overall, and remains a very nice-playing and sounding instrument. He calls it his parlor, though at 14" lower bout is more 00-ish.

We feel their version of this type of mandolin is the about the best ever made, and well worthy of attention from more players and collectors. The finish shows some typical fine checking, and light play wear here and there. All mahogant, double top of African mahogany and Engellman spruce.

Although very much outside the familiar Gibson realm, this Stahl is a lovely and very fine instrument in its own right with a great history and distinctive character all its own. Stahl claimed -- in no uncertain terms -- that his wares were the best that could be had: "no instruments can be made any better". (23.2 cm.) across at the widest point, and 2 1/2 in. The only repair is a slight dimpled-in area to the top just inside the binding edge, above the 15-17th fret area. So, I have been debating over getting a regular mandolin or an on, and concidering the type of music I want to play and how I want to play it, I think an octave mandolin is best for me. Very clean with exception ofpictured finish blem/bare spot related to pulling off a pickguard.

Eastman • Strings and Beyond • Morgan Music • Ellis/Pava • Elderly Instruments • The Mandolin Store • D'Addario • Kentucky Collings • The Music Emporium • The Acoustic Music Company • Mandolin World Headquarters • Just • Weber This Martin Acoustic Guitars - 00-15M is an all-solid Mahogany acoustic with a slightly smaller, concert style body that has been a longtime favorite, particularly with blues players.

Straightforward build with a simple elegance, and all the Martin quality you'd expect this 00 has a bright punch that really cuts through this all Mahogany body.

When building to order the Larsons made what was requested, but always to their own lofty standards.

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