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I agree, sometimes that is true, but I also know that over inflated prices tend to drive the prices up even higher artificially.

It is usually very hard to deprogram a person from thinking that way when they are brainwashed from birth.

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Employees Bob Taylor, Kurt Listug, and Steve Schemmer purchase the American Dream Musical Instrument Manufacturing shop in Lemon Grove, California, and change the name to Taylor Guitars; all rosewood used is Brazilian.

Guitar #20168 is the first Taylor made from East Indian rosewood; guitar #20179 is the latest Taylor “on record” to have the mortise neck joint (by the time we made #20229, we were not using mortise neck joints); Kurt hits the road to sell direct to dealers.

In August, move into 25,000-square-foot plant in El Cajon, California; guitar #16250 (a 712) is a “transitional” instrument (built in Santee plant, strung-up in the new El Cajon facility); 400 series ending number: 3152.

Introduce Grand Auditorium body style on 20th Anniversary, limited-edition models; in May, begin sanding all fingerboards on the new Fadal sander; publish premiere issue (Summer) of quarterly newsletter, Introduce Limited Edition Grand Auditoriums (GAs); create Pallet Guitar; introduce Taylor acoustic bass; in February, begin using ultraviolet (UV) finish on all Taylor guitars (see “The Finish Line: What UV Means to You” on the Details/Tech-Sheets page).

Ed Roman If Bernie had sold his guitars at the price they were actually worth (much higher) he would have died a multi millionaire.

Guitarists are prone to thinking that the higher the price the higher the quality.

So it was normal to shop mail order for quality items !!!!

Our numbering system was a little less sophisticated in the early days, and we didn’t adhere to an actual production “schedule” until 1987.

He felt that if he made them affordable that people would buy them.

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