Where is a free no sign up online sex chat - Dating my adult stepdaughter

They have been manipulative, hateful, mean and dishonest to both of us, for SO, SO many years!

However, I had ONLY heard from my (2) Stepdaughters when they wanted something (usually $$$$), or wanted me to do something for them.

Actually, this behavior had gone on for many years and just seemed to ramp up in the last few years of my Husband's life when he was so acutely ill.

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Stumbling for the words I, delicately as possible, explained to her that at this point in time as she was an established adult, secure with a home and career, her father and I left everything for each other and that she would receive what was coming to her when I was no longer living.

I have no biological children, having always wanted a family I have treated her as my own, I love her.

It did not help make them into kind or caring daughters, or stepdaughters! I am hoping somehow, some WAY, you can do that too.

It is VERY painful, to have done so, so much for a stepchild and have them kick dirt into your face, in return.

My own daughters kept reminding me, these were not new behaviors, but just had gotten worse over the years, with the Stepdaughters.

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