Dating melinda

Lacey was raised by ex-hippie-turned devoutly religious parents who raised her in a strict manner, monitoring the TV and movies that she viewed.

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Mel gets drunk and Danny ends up taking care of her.

The housemates work on their South by Southwest documentary; and hang out with the band Halifax.

She aspires to be a clinical therapist, specializing in marriage and counseling for families.

describes her as highly opinionated and argumentative.

The night before the film is due to premiere at the Austin Film Society, however, he heads out to a club, and Lacey and Melinda take turns editing the project.

Also: the housemates learn that they will be vacationing in Costa Rica.According to, her military experience made her resilient, confident, and outspoken.She is sexually outgoing, and sees Jenna Jameson as her hero.Six months after the cast left the Real World house, all seven of them appeared to discuss their experiences both during and since their time on the show, Tex, Hugs, & Rock 'n' Roll: The Real World Austin Reunion, which premiered on November 29, 2005, and was hosted by Susie Castillo.The four female cast mates posed in lingerie for a cover feature in Stuff magazine.The season featured seven people who lived in a converted warehouse, which production started from January to May 2005.

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