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A telephone call used to be pre-ordered, which took some waiting.

In the 1910s automatic telephone switches started to supersede hello girls who made connections manually.

The city automatic telephone switch started operation in 1930.

How they did it Americans who were to encounter the problem of 7-digit numbers sooner that any other nation, found a mnemonic solution to the problem (it was generally believed back then that 7-digit numbers were hard to memorize): the first three digits were replaced with letters some word started with.

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We are committed to continuing to provide our services for free. Automatic dialing was possible with a rotary dial telephone set.Prior telephone models were directly connected to the operator or had a magneto (a rotating handle on the right hand side spinning which you also connected to the telephone girl). They were only installed in high-ranking officials’ offices (200 lines in the Kremlin and 20 lines in the Russian Council of People’s Economy). City telephone networks came into being and every phone set was assigned a number.In 1910 the USA, then a country with the highest telephone penetration rate, numbered over 7 million subscribers, which compared to Russia’s 155,000.In the days of old an ordinary telephone number had four digits, while large cities used five-digit numbers.

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