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The roots of Russian folk music date as far back as to the middle of the first millennium AC, when Slavic tribes settled in the European part of the present territory of Russia.

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Just recall the famous "Ochi Chyornie" (Black Eyes)! Sweeping various style definitions aside we would like to introduce you the most prominent singers of the 20th century who belonged to various genres.

One thing uniting them is that their charismatic personalities and artistry left an influential trace in the musical history of Russia.

Bands playing alternative rock and alternative metal are often referred to with the same definition alternative, without dividing them from each other. Even in Soviet Russia American style of country music was growing in popularity.

In 1975 a Russian student band named Ornament already performed real country disguised as songs of struggle and protest.

A perfectly Russian author he influenced many rock musicians and played an important role for Russian rock to advert to the roots of Russian music folklore and imparted the genuine Russian spirit to it. Jazz stage emerged in the USSR in the 1920s, just parallel to its flourishing in the USA.

The first Russian jazz orchestra was established in Moscow in 1922.Here you can read about life and creative work of Fyodor Shalyapin, Sergey Lemeshev, Claudia Shulzhenko, Isabella Yurieva, Leonid Utesov, Mark Bernes and other legendary singers who deserve live attention of any generation. Author's song as a genre supposes that a songwriter performs one's songs alone to his/her own guitar accompaniment (or some other instrument, which is rare). Originated as a free alternative to semi-official mainstream concert music in the Soviet Union, this genre remains non-commercial and in this regard perhaps more independent than any other.Great attention is paid to the meaning of lyrics, aspiring to convey some deep message.Jazz started gaining wide popularity in the 1930s, to a great extent thanks to the Leningrad jazz ensemble headed by famous actor and singer Leonid Utyosov.Soviet authorities displayed quite ambiguous attitude towards jazz: Russian jazzmen, as a rule, were not banned, though jazz as such was severely criticized in the context of overall criticism of Western culture on the whole. Punk music penetrated into the USSR in the early 1980s.Read about the phenomenon of bard song in Russia and about such distinguished authors and performers as Alexander Vertinsky, Boulat Okoudjava, Vladimir Vysotsky and Alexander Bashlachev.

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