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I’m kind of amazed at the answer I receive when I ask friends what their Relief Societies are doing. We have dinner together; nothing special.” If you understand the history of this organization, you will begin to understand the destiny and responsibility that lies at our feet.

In the early days, when they had nothing, it was the sisters who rallied together to make it happen. They checked up on each other constantly and did things together.

4) Marriage Class — Invite the Marriage Relations Teacher to head up some class activities that correlate with what they’re teaching in their class.

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If you can feed your sisters the gospel in action, you will eventually be feeding an entire family, ward, neighborhood, community, and environment.

Continue your good works in the name of Relief Society, which acts in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

3) Invite yourselves to a YM’s activity and participate with them – even if they’re just playing basketball.

4) Using everyone in the ward, FILM MOVIES OF SCRIPTURE STORIES, with costumes, props, the whole bit, then make a copy for everyone in the ward for FHE aids. 6) Organize a support group for parents of troubled youth OR guide parents to the (click on LDS for a list of aids).

If someone is in need of deeper, and more specific help, advise them to go to the bishop, or speak with the Relief Society President personally.

Keep all discussions hopeful, helpful, and non judgmental.And ALWAYS leave on a positive, inspirational, and motivating thought.1) Create a family Wall Hanging, Or Art Piece, that is meaningful to your family; include traditions, experiences, idiosyncrasies, etc.Surely, if these ideas don’t interest you, they may trigger better suited ideas that are usable for your situation.There is nothing listed that is expensive, hard, or one dimensional. Set a goal to bless the lives of your sisters on a spiritual level with just a little silliness mixed in for good measure (not the other way around).These ideas can be in a meeting setting, added to a newsletter as a challenge, performed on a personal level, enjoyed by a very small group of people.

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