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These movements used in the Lancaster Pennsylvania made Hamilton wrist watches were: Hamilton 986, 6/0 17 jewel Hamilton 987 17J Hamilton 987A 17 jewel Hamilton 987S, 6/0 17 jewel Hamilton 747 17J Hamilton 980 14/0 17 jewel Hamilton 982, 14/0 19 jewel Hamilton 982m 19J Hamilton 989 18/0 size 17 jewel Hamilton 997, 20/0 17 jewel Hamilton 721 17J Hamilton 995 21/0 size 17 jewel Hamilton 911, 22/0 17 jewel Hamilton 911m 17J Hamilton wrist watches are known for their external beauty, their internal refinement and are respected by the watchmakers who service them - and the collectors that prize them.

The exactness of their internal parts assist in their repair and effective parts replacement.

I've successfully undertaken hundreds of Hamilton watch repairs over the decade have created this page specifically to help you learn more about your Hamilton wrist watch and my specialty: vintage Hamilton wrist watch servicing and restoration.

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The 6 positions are: (1) dial up, (2) dial down, (3) stem up, (4) stem at 9 o'clock and (5) stem at 3 o'clock, (6) stem down at the 6 o'clock.

It's the positional adjustment and the temperature adjustment that sets this watch apart from many others made in the 1940's.

Adjustment for isochronism means that the watch runs with the same rate independent of whether the watch if fully wound or almost unwound.

Hamilton had in the 1920's a sales and marketing brochure called the Timekeeper and it had a chapter explaining those adjustments: hamilton_adjustments.pdf, 238794 bytes Melamine resin (melamine formaldehyde) was one of the first widely used plastics.

The enamel dials may get hairlines too but generally not as big ones as the melamine dials.

I have seen some cases where people have removed the original melamine and completely re-painted the dial.

In this article we focus however on watches and it is this focus on timing only that lead to those beautiful and precise American railroad watches.

Movement size: 16, 1.700 inches, 43.18 mm diameter Approximate watch size (depends on case): 2 inch (5cm) diameter, weight 90g Jewels (gemstone bearings): 21, friction set, all upper jewel settings are gold Rate: 2.5Hz, 5 beats per second, 18000 bph (beats per hour) The watch runs about 52 hours when fully wound Balance wheel: Aurium, a monometallic beryllium-silver-nickel alloy, Aurium is a Hamilton marketing term (trademarked in April 1940 by Hamilton), the exact composition of the alloy was kept secret. Hair spring material: Elinvar-Extra Adjustement: temperature, isochronism and 6 positions Position adjustment refers to the mechanical design of the balance wheel and the hairspring.

A lot of other mechanical watches are off that much in just one day.

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