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In alchemical texts and art, a rose with seven petals was a symbol of inclusion, universal understanding, and order.

The association between numerology and the rose is also seen in Freemasonry where three roses are used to symbolize their guiding principles–Love, Life and Light.

The rose is one of the most famous and beloved of all flowers.

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The phrase sub rosa, or “under the rose”, means to keep a secret and is derived from this ancient Roman practice.

In Greco-Roman culture the rose’s symbolic qualities represented beauty, the season of spring, and love.

Wondering what types of flowers to include in a sympathy bouquet for a friend?

Or are you feeling indecisive on what blossoms to include in a funeral flower arrangement, such as a casket spray? Our Ultimate Guide on funeral flowers covers 13 of the most popular flowers for Western funerals and memorial services.

Therefore, a flower can mean different things across the globe.

Our Ultimate Guide focuses on flower meanings that are common in Western cultures.For hundreds of years the beautiful rose has been widely recognized as a symbol of love, sympathy or sorrow.As such, it has become the most popular funeral flower.In fact, considering the meaning of a flower was as important to social decorum as being well dressed.In the West, we often still use flower meanings devised by the Victorians.The association between the rose meaning and the Virgin Mary became even more prominent in the 12th century.

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