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PEGGY: Bachelor number 3, if I were to meet you in public, whats the first thing youd say to me? 3: Id look you right in the eyes and saydarlin, this is the day of free spirits and free love. PEGGY: If I were to meet you in public, whats the first thing youd say to me?

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Thats why weve arranged for you to experience some of Americas finest dining at Whataburger! And to remember your day, our sponsors at Podak are loaning you a disposable camera.

JIM: And Bachelor number three is Danny from New York City. JIM: And now lets meet our winner, bachelor number two. (Kisses her on the cheek) PEGGY: Wow, hes so much more than I imagined. Your day will start with paid admission to Astro World. After a day of standing in lines and experiencing lousy customer service from kids half your age, youll certainly work up an appetite. While dining, be sure to have one of their famous Whatsasalad and try their newest entre, What-the-heck-is-that, Chicken?

I recommend playing about 10-15 seconds of each making sure the chorus is played. Music fades.) JIM: (To audience) Good Evening, Everyone.

(Game show theme song plays through with LOGO on screen, if available.

Characters: Jim Lame: Host of the Dating Game Rocky: Bachelor #1, 70s hard rock, biker-type, stoner Jesse: Bachelor #2, clean cut, all-American guy Danny: Bachelor #3, 70s disco dude with large afro Peggy Inneed: Bachelorette, 70s hippy chick Announcer: Voice only, off stage (or Jim Lame can do this part) Make-up Artist: No speaking part, just a short stage appearance Scene/Setting: 1970s game show spoof of The Dating Game Plot: Typical to the original TV show, this bachelorette will choose one man to go out on a date. Bachelors 1 and 3 are less than desirable and Bachelor #2 represents Jesus. Choosing life and peace over what the world has to offer. (Bachelors ENTER STAGE LEFT in order 1-3 and each stand in front of their stools.) JIM: Bachelor number one, please tell us your name and where youre from.

Props: Background set to resemble The Dating Game, three stools, one chair or a fourth stool, a directors chair, appropriate costuming, theme show music with logo and kisses for screens, index cards for Peggys questions, CDs to play during the skit as directed below. Welcome to another exciting episode of THE D-A-T-I-N-G G-A-M-E! In just a moment you will meet a young lady who will have the opportunity to choose one lucky man for a fabulous date, based only on their answers to her questions. Id probably cook you up and eat you so I dont starve. PEGGY: Bachelor number 1, if we got married, what would our future look like? 1: Well, right now Im living in my parents basement, but Ive been planning on getting my own place. 2: I would say, come to me and I will remain with you forever. If you and I were the only survivors of an airplane crash in the middle of nowhere, what would you do for me? Alright Becky, before our handsome bachelors reveal themselves You have one last question to ask before you decide to go on that big date Becky : OK. I'd get you the finest drink, of course it's gonna have ice in it And I don't mean frozen water… Bachelor 2 : Word, we wide all kinda wollercoasters and fewwis wheels Becky : Mm, that's my favorite! Or you could hit me on the 2-way, or Bwackbwewwy account Becky : Wow!

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