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Can we pls get to chat faster on Whatsapp with 2348034053406? I am Professional and relocated to London, I am Looking for a nice lady to go out for a movie in Essex Area. I'm a genuine caring person who can be a good honest friend, am fun wi…

I am a white, mature guy, looking to make some new male friends in the area, I enjoy walking, cinema, theater eating out, eating in. James 44 Manchester single For weekend meet with single female Go for drink, eating out, cinema Like a woman with long hair brunette or blonde nice looking Likes wearing skirt or dress with opaque tights talk on the phon… I dress in floaty day wear clothes and also love wearing my vintage nightgowns. Looking for a person 21 with a view to doing things of interest to us both, maybe cinema, coffee/lunch, shopping and things of interest to yourself.

Though I've only been in the game six weeks, I have one or two new friends with whom I see long-term potential.

Not a bad turnout considering I'd spent the previous six months joining sports teams and new gyms, sitting optimistically at bars, and trying new extracurriculars – all the things you're told to do when trying to make friends – and not making a single one.

READ MORE: * 2500 Tinder matches in 48 hours * A year on Tinder, what I've learned * App makes finding new friends easy My relationship pre-dates Tinder, so despite the fact I know all about it, I'd never actually used it. Come 10pm, I actually became so exhausted I turned by phone off and threw it in another room for the night.

I was cautious from the outset, of course, but hopeful it would introduce me to people I'd otherwise never interact with. Over the subsequent days, the chat with potential Tinder friend dates was mixed.

Numbers four and five never got off the ground either, despite my best efforts.

Initial conversation had been fun and flowing, but when it came to finally organising a meet, they just weren't interested.

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resize=110,110" alt="" width="110" height="110" data-recalc-dims="1" / This question was logged by one of my male readers (I know I’m the ‘mummy whisperer’, but as I’ve been talking about Sex a lot, I’ve gained quite a lot of male readers too), and I have to admit that at first I kind of thought ‘well isn’t it obvious? Then I realised that firstly we aren’t all socially savvy and secondly even when we are, we can be naive as well, including us women who are meant to be much more capable of understanding these sorts of things.

Other people will shout at me ‘but you should be able to trust your man’; again I point you to reality and the fact that trust can very easily turn into taking for granted; So here is my answer, feel free to add any more tips you might have from your own experiences.

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