Dating for tranvestites

I think I read that he gave his entire salary of some movie away to the workers on the set or some shit. They had a huge argument at a restaurant in Venice, when she refused to have an abortion. His back was to her completely ignoring her and her needs... I happened to have seen that photo which was part of a series of frenzied photographs produced by the paparazzi.

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You know what r1&r7, I have it on very good authority that Keanu only has 149 million. How can he possibly find happiness with only a piddly 149 million? I love the dataloungers (and people in the press) who give celebrities advice and ask what's happened to them. He doesn't seem too very preoccupied with being occupied, or with building empires, and I can't say that I blame him. Minus the beard, it's a look that many, many of us are probably seen in all the time.

I've personally never had a enjoyable day in my life that I didn't burn through unless at least $50,000, minimum. Did it ever occur to you people who are so "worried" about Reeves that perhaps he's happy just as he is? Perhaps he's decided he's done enough and he's going to enjoy his life now with the money he's already earned. Let the A-list and A-list-wannabes scrape and scurry to keep up with he's already made. What I love is tabloids posting photos of "celebs" out of context and then recruiting so called specialists to analyze the people in the photos.

He should be sporting his long samurai hair and trimmed beard. Yes, sometimes it makes us sad to think of a friends death but it doesn't mean no one mentions their names.

Since our friends are still in our memories they are still a part of our life and there is no need to shove the memory under the carpet.

First published in June 2009, Frock was full of Drag and Transgender-related articles, features and stories of interest to Transsexuals, Crossdressers, Drag Queens, Transvestites and Intersexed people everywhere, and it was completely free!

Over eight years (until the middle of 2017) we had published 42 issues of Frock and they are all still available in the Frock Magazine archive of back issues.

This teeny slut Adriana Rodriguez decided to become a she-male porn star.

Frock was a free, award winning, glossy bi-monthly, digital magazine that was aimed squarely at the Transgender and Drag communities.

Actually he was far from sad when we met him a LACMA .

He was signing his book of poetry( actualy just one poem) entitled " It can always get worse." Quite wry parody of this "sad Keanu" rubbish. From what I observed he seemed happy & quite gay.(traditional usage)I grew up watching Keanu and it took me awhile to admit it--he's a very limited actor at best.

I don't even like Keanu, but what evidence is there that he's a mess? He looks like a normal, relaxed guy walking down the street instead of a glamorous movie star? Ah, this is what some people thought of his "girlfriend".

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