Dating for 4 years and no proposal evelyn ng dating

When we were 21 my H would talk to me about kids and marriage and I thought we were in sync.

Then as the years went on and I didn't have a ring on my finger and we hit those ages we talked about I was crushed.

Everytime I say that to him he gets extremely irate. but it's driving me insane that the future is so unclear. In just only 4 years, i met my a woman, proposed, wifed her, and she had our first child who is now 9 years old. We met on my 19th birthday and he turned 20 4 days later... If someone was telling me this who was older I would say something TOTALLY different.

We have never really fought, but lately, we just bicker about the most insignificant things. 1 of two things will happen that day, either he shows how much he loves you and begs you to stay or he'll let you walk. How many more years do you want to sit by him, for him to one day realize, you guys weren't meant to be married? You don't want to wake up 30 years old in the same boat. Well the thing is I kind of understand him that is why I stick it out.

We started going out a lot more and he even started drinking. Now, when we talk about the future, he tells me that he is not psychic and to be happy about what we have right now because he can't tell where we'll be within the next year or so. Draw a line in the sand and say either step up your game or i'm out. If he lets you walk then he is doing you a favor, because there has yet to be a man on this earth... In just only 4 years, i met my a woman, proposed, wifed her, and she had our first child who is now 9 years old. Unfortunately he has been out of work since he got laid off the beginning of the year and he has since returned to school and wont be done with his program until the end of 2011.

Its an issue (and youll have many) in a marriage you have to deal with.

The key to any successful marriage is communication.

Think about how much changes from that time when you met? He sounds like he's interested in things he wasn't before and is acting differently.

I don't think thats about not wanting to marry you but might be about being a 24/25 year old guy.

What we want as 19 year olds for our 25 year old self is typically a lot different than what our 25 year old self wants for itself..

Don't get me wrong I was SOOO frustrated and hurt by waiting and waiting (we got engaged at 7 years and married at 8 year) but at the same time I still got married at 26 which is close to average - i think...?? For me I trusted him to know that we would get there, but I am not the person who says **** or get off the pot.

Hello, I'm basically seeking out help because I don't want to bring this up to the boyfriend right away because it just might be in my head what's going on. We have been great friends and have been even better in being in this relatioship and have major plans of moving out soon and getting our dreams going...

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