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She and some friends were seated in an upstairs VIP booth overlooking the stage.

Both the stars were also in attendance at a bash in London in early July, an after-party for Coldplay’s show there, according to another insider.

In each pairing, the Feeling types experience sentiment in the exact opposite way the Thinking types do, which does little to encourage the Thinking type to give herself permission to access the function and side of herself she tends to repress.

Add to that the fact that they will rarely perceive any given situation the same way because of their opposing N-S axis and you have two people with several significant cognitive hurdles to overcome on a regular basis.

Coldplay singer Chris Martin and ‘Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence have sparked romance rumours.

Martin, who separated from wife Gwyneth Paltrow in March after 12 years of marriage, is dating Lawrence since late June, after she split from her actor Nicholas Hoult, reported US magazine.

The reason is that an Fe user experiences and judges sentiment on the basis of external parameters; as “belonging to the group.” Fe is willing to downplay the individual’s own sentiments in deference to the sentiments of the other people involved.

An Fi user, on the other hand, experiences his personal sentiments in a much more subjective, individualized way.Unlike Ti, Te is not terribly beholden to internal logical principles and is instead eager to refine its conclusions based on whatever objective information presents itself.Te is hierarchical in its reasoning and looks for the “best” solution to any given problem, whereas Ti is much less confrontational and prefers to look for abstract solutions that are less “objective” and more of interest to the Ti user’s personal psyche.The rock art and the associated natural scenery at 38 sites located in the Zuojiang River valley, in the southwest of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China, were inscribed recently on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Huashan is probably the largest known rock art panel in the world, consisting of approximately 1900 identifiable figures and occupying an area of approximately 8000 m. Huashan, 56 secondary carbonate layers above and below the paintings were studied for their mineralogy, oxygen, and carbon isotopic compositions and dated by the Th/U dating results demonstrate that ages of the rock paintings can be bracketed between 1856±±41yr BP corresponding to the middle to the end of the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25 to 220).The results imply that the rock painting practices at Mt.An Fi user is therefore likely to feel very uncomfortable with such “insincerity.” Fi will fight tooth and nail to maintain its individuality and expression thereof.

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