Dating dna compatibility

There’s a new dating app on the scene hoping to disrupt the way we find that one special person to eventually melt down in an IKEA with over the relative merits of a Kvikne wardrobe versus a Trysil.Described by Wired as “a sort of 23and Me meets Tinder meets monogamists,” Pheramor’s secret to success is your DNA.

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At the end of the description, I read that “two outgoing people are likely to have a good relationship, as long as their need for interaction with other people doesn’t take them too far away from each other”.

I thought this was interesting but it wasn’t a revelation.

from your genetics”—because every great love story starts with a romantic disclaimer promising not to genetically profile you!

Despite Pheramor’s vaguely eugenicist vibe and creepily literal take on the concept of “chemistry,” it has still managed to attract some hype.

By the time the platform formally launched on Thursday in Houston, the test kits had sold out, meaning there are thousands of people somewhere in Texas so fed up with Tinder they decided to take part in this fodder for a B-rate dystopian movie.

Dating platforms have always made their bones off of scientifically dubious claims of having the secret to matchmaking, but the concept of pheromones is some of the shakiest science out there.Needless to say, Katie was intrigued, here’s what she wrote about the experience…The Instant Chemistry site said their test would tell my boyfriend and I about our psychological compatibility, our neurocompatibility, and our biocompatibility, all packaged in a way that would help our relationship grow.I can’t deny that I was very sceptical about this test, but having gone through the results with my boyfriend, I’m pretty impressed.I know that it takes more than a personality test to explain someone’s behaviour, and that our genes don’t dictate our psychological make-up, but Instant Chemistry got a lot more right than they got wrong when it comes to my relationship with my boyfriend.On balance, I’d recommend this test to a couple who’ve been together for a few years and want a fun way to ‘kick the tyres’ on their relationship – it doesn’t feel like a test for people who’ve just started dating.

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