Dating dna compatibility

I can’t deny that I was very sceptical about this test, but having gone through the results with my boyfriend, I’m pretty impressed.

I know that it takes more than a personality test to explain someone’s behaviour, and that our genes don’t dictate our psychological make-up, but Instant Chemistry got a lot more right than they got wrong when it comes to my relationship with my boyfriend.

There’s a new dating app on the scene hoping to disrupt the way we find that one special person to eventually melt down in an IKEA with over the relative merits of a Kvikne wardrobe versus a Trysil.

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To complete the test, we’d both need to provide a DNA sample (in the form of saliva) and complete an online personality test.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for many years and we’re very happy together, so I doubted a test like this would tell us anything new.

Scientific reliability aside, Pheramor and dating apps like it (see: The League) effectively betray the only good thing about online dating: openness and the possibility for unlikely encounters.

“Genetically-optimized matches” or hyper-exclusive dating apps that require a Linked In profile take away the free-for-all serendipity of apps like Tinder or Bumble.

For ‘Social’ I was told that I’m very outgoing and drawn to people who are “very desirous of interacting” (this isn’t news to me, I know I’m an extrovert).

I was also told that I’m highly likely to turn to others for stimulation and encouragement.There are definitely times when the advice feels way too generic to be useful, and a few results seemed completely wrong.It also felt like Instant Chemistry tried too hard to make the results a ‘feel good’ experience for everyone, ensuring no couple is given a low score.Although there was a fun video on the site which went through some of Instant Chemistry’s media coverage, I couldn’t find an example of what the results would look like.Ordering was really easy, I just typed in my info and my boyfriend’s email address and after clicking submit, we were both sent login information to complete our personality tests.By the time the platform formally launched on Thursday in Houston, the test kits had sold out, meaning there are thousands of people somewhere in Texas so fed up with Tinder they decided to take part in this fodder for a B-rate dystopian movie.

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