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George Villiers was likely a bisexual, who had an intense and fairly well-documented attachment to the king.

King James was extremely fond of George, and gave him money and titles.

“Pop goes the weasel” seems at first glance to be a nonsense rhyme, one without any purpose behind it at all – but really it’s an account of poverty, pawnbroking, minimum wage, and a serious night out on the town.

The ‘weasel’ in the rhyme is a winter coat, which has to be pawned – or ‘popped’ – in exchange for various things.

Not a penny was there in it, Only a ribbon around it.

Both Lucy and Kitty were real people, back in the 18th century.

Dating from as early on as the Viking period in England, some are records of political and religious upheaval; others explore aspects of daily life, scandals and gossip.

Lucy Locket lost her pocket And Kitty Fisher found it.He ran away and hid himself, afraid of a potential scandal.So Georgie Porgie is really a coward, a cad and a glutton. Oranges and lemons Say the bells of St Clemens, You owe me five farthings Say the bells of St Martins, When will you pay me?The bells belong to famous churches in London; it’s possible that these were the churches a condemned man would pass, on his way to his execution.St Clemens, the first church, is likely that in Eastcheap.Lucy Locket was a barmaid and some-time prostitute.

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