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is a book I wrote about my experiences in dating as a single dad.

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Last night was one of those nights where my hubby proved to be my hero yet again.

He spent about 30 minutes having a very important conversation with a young man we know. (Heavy sigh.) We knew this day would get here, and though my husband was prepared to just lock her in the closet until she turned 22, we recognize that part of our responsibility while she's still under our roof is to help her navigate appropriate relationships, especially dating relationships.

is my new blogging venture and focuses on the visual side of parenting.

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While the book isn't a pure memoir, nor is it a pure how-to or self-help book, it touches on both, guiding the reader through twelve chapters and sixteen real-life dating experiences that helped shape my opinion on dating as a single parent.

Thankfully, I found my match in 2010 when I met Jen B online (of all places).

At that time, I was a divorced single dad of just over five years and was trying to make my way through the dating scene all while maintaining a presence in my son's life.

I would come to learn many lessons - not only about dating but about parenting, co-parenting and relationships in general.

I think of how amazing it would have been if my dad had actually sat down with and interviewed my dates when I was a teenager. My hubby has been taking our daughter out on dates since she was a little girl, so any fella' who wants to spend time with her has some big shoes to fill (literally—size 14)!

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