sue bird and diana taurasi dating - Dating customs in south korea

The real fun begins at the bar where, after a few drinks and a few rounds of drinking games, the mood lifts and people start to get more comfortable around each other.

There are also meetings where the men and women pair off together based on various methods.

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Gwa-tings have taken their place in campus culture as it's one of the most surefire ways for incoming freshmen to adjust to new faces.

Of course, these gwa-tings aren't exclusive to freshmen alone, but it's rare to see upperclassmen participate.

Of course, there are instances where people receive what are called "Afters," or follow-up calls from a person who's interested.

But for the most part, people take meetings to be very casual get-togethers.

Though these meetings hardly produce couples, they're a good way for people to warm up to unfamiliar faces within their departments.

The second category of gwa-tings is the MT (membership training).

Another one is 'Reply 1994' in which Trash brings his, er, less then charming friends and Na Young brings her own friends, who happen to be from Nine Muses.

The male and female groups will introduce themselves briefly over dinner and head to a bar after the meal.

i have been for two years in korea, and i have a lot of friends, but no real dating unfortunately.having something casual is do-able, but starting a relationship is even for koreans in between 20-30 next to impossible.

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