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I will work in Washington to guarantee our military strength and preparedness.

Whether here in South Dakota at Ellsworth Air Force Base or overseas, I stand with our men and women in uniform.

She later established a career in business development for Milo Belle Consultants and is a partner in the Lazy RRse Buffalo Ranch.

On June 29, 2017, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which had been created by President Donald Trump on May 11, requested information on registered voters from all 50 states dating back to 2006. On June 30, Secretary Krebs announced that the state would refuse to provide the requested information to the commission.

Until Washington can eliminate waste and fraudulent spending, they cannot be trusted to spend and invest your hard-earned money.

I support President Trump’s sensible tax cuts that give economic control back to the people, encourage job creation, and increase revenue.

I will work with President Trump to roll back harmful bureaucratic overreach and bring critical infrastructure and technology to rural communities.

Education Every child in South Dakota deserves the opportunity to thrive.

I will not let Washington damper our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Together, we can loosen Washington’s regulatory grip on South Dakota families and businesses.

In my office as Secretary of State, we cut our budget, became more efficient and learned to do more with less—the federal government should learn to do the same.

Immigration There is no fix to our nation’s broken immigration system until we solve the problem of illegal immigration.

Government Accountability Taxpayers should not have to bear the financial burden of a reckless government.

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