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This line is all about the quality, and beauty of the button, that can still serve many purposes.

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These are the buttons that we are most known for, ask any sewer and they'll know the La Mode name.

If you look in your Grandmothers button tin, you will most likely find a La Mode buttons vintage button or button card in the mix.

CC- to clean all of these types of metal buttons try using a kneaded gray art eraser or rub with a soft cloth to clean. During WWII when metals were scarce a nickel composition was used.

These pieces are light silver in color, the metals is very soft and will not tarnish.

These buttons were made in lively colors with additional painting on the surface of the button.

New buttons are being made again in Czechoslovakia using old molds in new and different colors.

CC- if these buttons are one- piece they can be cleaned with water and dried quickly.

If the metals was iron or steel (these are magnetic0 the metal will rust if it gets wet, do not use water on these buttons.

The dark colors of this people led to deep burgundies, purples and blues.

During the 1940’s Germany and Czechoslovakia were the major producers of glass buttons.

The rhinestones may have to be re-glued because glue shrinks with time.

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