Dating and seattle

However, with all that being said if you can see through the facade and ovecome the barriers there are a lot of single women here.Some are beautiful and I think do want to meet a genuine man for a relationship or at least a sexual encounter.

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My experience here is that it's easy to break the ice and make friends in Seattle (people in DC would get angry if you talked to them) but most people flake out on plans (guys and girls included). It was a lot harder to reschedule plans when everyone was using hard line phones & I think ppl would just tough out social interactions even if they weren't feeling their best.

Now if you're not Instagram-worthy, might as well stay in and watch Netflix.

Although, I find a lot of women in Seattle dress like slobs, wearing sweat pants and t-shirts.

Also, some have beer guts thanks to Seattle's very beer friendly culture .

After living in a sausage fest like Boise (Boys-See), Idaho , which I now call Boys Town, Seattle feels like a gold mine of women.

I didn't even realize living there that the town is like 60/40 male and even the university (BSU) 65 % male.That is in addition to being a religious Christian/Mormon society where many women get married off by their early 20s.Way too much aggressive, needy men, fighting over any woman and people c**k-blocking you left and right. I've been in more potential fights in two years living in Boise, then in the last 15 years.However, I've always had difficulty trying to date and I don't want to be in a place that would make it much more difficult with the high male/female ratio.I love the environment of Seattle - cool, cloudy, rainy.Also, many do have that Scandinavian Innocence persona which makes them always feel shameful and guilty.

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