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Also, we find that women exhibit a preference for men who grew up in affluent neighborhoods.Finally, male selectivity is invariant to group size, while female selectivity is strongly increasing in group size.

"Only when two lovers' affection for and commitment it one another expand at roughly the same pace do they mutually tend to reinforce their love" (quoted in Rubin, 1980, P. From a considerable evidence of the role of economic factors in relationship formation, societal economic downturns are associated with increases in divorce and separation (conger, et al , 1994) familial poverty, unemployment/under-employment of family members affect both the psychological well-being of family members and familiar interaction including increased violence (Anson & Sagy 1995), Vinokur, et al, 1996).

In contrast, higher family income is often associated with greater marital satisfaction among both men and women (Orbuch, et al, 1996) and as such economic potential of a male is often a desirable characteristic by the female (Baez & Schroeder, 1995; Singh 1995).

Those who are to engage themselves in such contract must of necessity have known themselves, like themselves and love themselves before agreeing to mariy.

Such potential would have undergone certain processes under the mating selection system in which sociologists have called dating and in some cases courtship.

They consider the guys’ looks, the car they drive, [and] if a girl doesn’t have a boyfriend… [displaying] her insecurity in a variety of ways, usually in the way [she] dresses.

Men will entertain a pretty girl, but he will be looking for that ‘special’ one who is perfectly not so perfect” (T. “Deepening intimacy without defining a level of commitment,” wrote Joshua Harris, “is plainly dangerous.“You should have an absolute zero-tolerance policy when it comes to deception…[and] lying should have no place in your life” as it is a serious character flaw and should be treated as a “deal-breaker” (Henry Cloud and John Townsend, 2000, pp. Regarding today’s prevailing dating attitudes, a 35-year-old woman recently observed, “Girls do not look at a guy closely when making the choice to date.It appears society has yet to understand the correlation between substandard dating tactics/attitudes and failed marriages and skyrocketing divorce rates.Sadly, even the traditional nuclear family (original father and mother rearing children under one roof) is rapidly disintegrating and is near extinction. In a children’s survey, a 10-year-old boy named Martin was asked, “What do most people do on a date?As a refreshing contrast, there are several books that offer a more selfless and respectful approach to dating while strongly cautioning the reader to avoid the faulty reasoning and the problematic areas so prevalent today.

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