Dating age difference seven years youger male

The beautiful bottle is designed in a form of woman’s silhouette, and the color of the perfume hypnotizes just like tender blue woman’s eyes. I see this as a year-round fragrance.least under 30 degrees is very ok. When I first tried this on, it instantly brought a smile to my face because it smelt incredible. :) First tested this at a duty free shop and for a week couldn't stop thinking about it.

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Dating age difference seven years youger male

The smell was stronger and it remained on clothes literally all day long with noticeable sillage.

I couldn't stop smelling my sweater and practically all my closet smells like Hypnose. I don't think I'm going to repurchase it as I tend not to buy the same perfume twice (there are so many others to discover out there) but once I've finished it I'm going to look for others that smell close to it .

After 5 to 6 hours later, there some powdery-woody-musky going out to join the party & make it smells more hypnotic. I think it's perfect for a date or intimate session. It's a sultry, unusual, deep, rich, mysterious fragrance that lives up to its name. I don't view this as a sexy number, much like Miracle it's Girly not Sassy! update: well who would have thought this perfume would become such a favourite!

My skin loves vanilla & i love this kind of creamy vanilla that doesn't hurt my nose & headache inducing. perfect for work/everyday, it's cold sugar flowery scent gets more enjoyable with each wear. The sugar gives way to passion flower in a cool and ultra feminie way.

Its a soft cloud of a very laid back vanilla (not a pungeant one), and made somewhat elegant and classy by vetiver. I get compliments from people who like subtle perfumes. Longevity for about 6-7 hours and strong Sillage for 2 hours.

I use it on the days I like to go "undercover" with my perfume, as I generally do like my perfume to last more then 4-5 hours, like this one does. The strongest note in this is definitely vanilla, with some hints of anis in the background. It contains a salty vanilla pleasant note and the lasting power is great! It’s on the mature and grownup side wich is more subtle and classic. I’m getting a spicy vetiver accord wich fits perfectly to that beautiful vanilla note. But I think it it prevents the vanilla from being sirupy sweet. A friend was wearing this and I was immediately transported back to 1973 without knowing why. Its sillage is moderate, but nice for those who are close.

Like they threw them in a blender on the highest setting and mixed until the notes were indistinguishable. This may not make sense to many but to me, this fume smells like cold shocks of vanilla mixed with every single other note it contains. I could pull this off in the Spring and see myself wearing it throughout Autumn and Winter. I happen to be a vanilla snob though so this was definitely a must have! I am not a white floral kind of girl - white sweet florals are fresh and beautiful and remind me of svelte blondes who have perfect hair and regularly get their nails done.

Then they poured it into this lovely twisted bottle. It smells sweet, cold, creamy, heady, wet florally, and earthy (the vetiver). I prefer more mysterious and woodsy fragrances that suggest more whimsical rough around the edges beauty.

So to be fair, as so many clever reviewers have cautioned...never give up on a fragrance until you’ve worn it a good number of times.

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