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Not to mention your communication skills are A-plus.You're sensitive to the needs of those around you, but beware: many only children often achieve "super firstborn" status, meaning these traits are amplified."When younger siblings and parents expect the oldest child to be a role model, a dependable attribute tends to shine through."According to Tessina, "The second child tends to take the road not taken by the first, so if the first is rebellious, the second is more amenable.

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Because you’re likely to be organized and successful, your partner will probably come to rely on you.

That said, you may need to work on spontaneity and fighting your natural aversion to risk. you’re probably very social, good at compromise and a bit rebellious.

Make sure to emphasize helping each other express opinions and feelings.

Middle with youngest: Because a middle child is likely to take on the traits of those around him, it's possible you'll acquire some youngest tendencies.

Embrace a more go-with-the-flow mentality in relationships so you don’t drive your partner crazy with i Cal reminders. Inadvertently tasked with bridging the gap between your older and younger siblings, the middle child is often referred to as the “Type O” of relationships: you go well with anyone.

You dislike conflict, which means you’re apt to negotiate and compromise in a relationship. But as much as you like appeasing everyone, trail blazing is also important to you. And while your creativity and spontaneity is likely appreciated by a partner, when it comes to serious matters, you’re probably a little hard to read.(Fun fact: first born/only children make up more than half of all US Presidents.) The downside?You may have trouble with sharing, compromising and jealousy.And while this can lead to a fight-free relationship, it's possible the middle child will feel stifled after a while because he/she is always supporting the partner, but not getting that support in return. A firstborn (wanting to be in control) and a youngest (wanting to be taken care of) usually make a good match and force the other out of a comfort zone.Middle with middle: You're both sensitive and compromising, so the biggest potential pitfall here is a lack of communication due to fear of confrontation.According to William Cane, author of , "birth order explains how sibling rank (firstborn, middleborn, lastborn, only child) affects personality” and how you interact with others, both socially and romantically.

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