Sex roulette chat 36 - Dating a woman going through divorce

I was happy before I met him, and he came into my life leading me to believe that we would fall in love and end up together forever and now I know that he never really wanted me.

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Not just that, but you have to realize that a bond that some people hold in such a high regard was broken. His head and heart are in the middle of a knock down drag out fight and until that ends, he won't be able to move forward properly. I am divorced, 38 and this is the only man I have felt this comfortable with and loved openly. I believe I was his rebound girl after his marriage broke up. It is hard to forget all the things that were said and he clearly does not have the same emotional investment in this that I do. It seems that he is very confused about many things regarding our relationship.

Imagine what kind of issues he has in general when it comes to the opposite sex. I am really struggling to stop crying and not feel like a failure. I'm not sure it would be healthy for me to pursue a friendship with him, any thoughts???? You will feel it when you are not emotionally attached to him and his decisions.

Because I guess he felt sorry for me and he realized how much I was hurting.

I'm glad now though when I had my week moment on the 4th of July that he didn't respond to my "I Miss you" text, because it would have been "game on" again.

And when I confronted him last week he didn't even argue the fact, its like he realized to himself "game over" she knows the deal now and its going to be nagging and no more fun for him here on in.

I told him I couldn't do the sex thing without the expectations and emotional attachment thing, I even shed a tear, and he said nothing to make me feel better...why?

Then the last few times we met up he didn't even bother with the trying to sweeten me up before hand, its like he couldn't be bothered anymore, i wasnt even worth that.

And thats when I saw that he really had nothing for me, I was completely insignificant to him.

He says he needs his space and he is up and down with his emotions. Let him talk and let him settle his business and give him his space without pressure and guilt. I do indeed feel that he is backing out of the relationship --tonight when he texted me he used my first name and not the usual "sweetie". Take deep breaths and allow yourself to cry for awhile. If you take care of yourself, you will be stronger and can better handle what happens in the future.

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