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Perhaps, the social system is just that good, and I’m sure all that beer helps. The main problem lies in the fact that Swedes are simply not the most outgoing people, at least until they are sufficiently drunk..

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“Yeah, but it’s worse when women are arrogant about their looks.” Ehh?

By what laws of conversation does that comment follow mine?

If you do go, pay a visit to Tradgarden, one of Stockholm’s multiple outdoor events, tucked away under a bridge and considered to be the hotspot of the summer.

Get ready to stand in an equal-opportunity line with 50 blue-haired bloggers, then in yet another line for a beer, then sit on benches staring at parades of what looks like The Other Stories catalog come to life.

Don’t forget to check out Union Kitchen and enjoy an avocado toast that blogger fantasies are made of! After a full evening of standing by a bar, batting our eyelashes at men who ignored us like we were code red Ebola carriers, we finally met two Swedish guys who seemed willing to socialize.

We were just starting to get comfortable, when we were interrupted by an obnoxious, albeit entertaining, Brit (drunk, of course). For one, I might actually be too Russian for this borderline aggressive form of gender equality.

Who, confusingly, looked a teensy bit like Eric off True Blood, if you are slightly inebriated, blinded by the sun and have also just blinked out one of your contacts, as I had when I agreed to go for a drink with him. I was about a thumb’s width into my beer when it started.

We’d been talking about arrogance, for some reason, when I made some daft comment about how arrogance doesn’t bother me so much when it’s warranted.

Claire is a writer and filmmaker originally from Scotland who moved to Stockholm in 2011 for no particular reason.

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