Dating a phd student

My boyfriend’s MFA is in writing, obviously something that I’m interested in as well, and he sometimes jokes that by being with him I’m getting a free MFA.

I get to go with him when poets and novelists come to his school to read their work, I get to read the literature on his syllabus when he’s working on something else, and I get to have great conversations with him about writing.

During her first semester, there had been a rash of breakups as everyone adjusted to the demands of the program.

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He said that he knew that his program would only get more intense, but that he’d rather work hard to keep our relationship than jettison it for more study time—as long as I was willing to deal with the changes too.

hi all, i'm glad i found a website that caters to phd students! but sometimes you just want someone with whom you can share the same experiences/frustrations with.

Now I realize that all the three years I had lived was a misery, it didn't help me anything, but stress.

i met my boyf the week before i started my Phd and he is an electrican (so not in a smilar position at all) i dont find it affects my Phd at all and dont think i could live with someone who was as stressed at me (i.e fellow Ph Ds)On the down side he doesnt really understand when i get upset and cry over cells dying etc!

I admit sometimes wishing he understood what it feels like when experiments repeatedly fail - and I really, really wish he knew how awful it is to write a thesis.

But, it is great to have someone who makes you take a Sunday off to go bushwalking or makes you stop working on a Saturday night to go to the moview. He is very good at reminding me my Ph D is not the most important thing in the world - there are still wars, our friends 2 year old son is still dying, and the globe is still warming.

Option one makes your relationship more unstable, but going for option two requires a lot of trust. I won’t lie: when we got close to the three week deadline that the more experienced student had given us, I had a huge crying fit.

You have to believe that your relationship will last through the program, that your partner will see your efforts and be grateful, and that if there’s a time in the future where you’re less available to the relationship, your partner will step up to the plate instead of just leaving you. I think my relationship deserves it, and I think my boyfriend deserves it—he’s seen me through hard times, dealt well with the parts of me that other people would see as difficult, and just been so fun to be around that I want to keep anging out just to see what pun he makes next. We weren’t having relationship problems, but I was still afraid that his grad school would throw us a huge curveball sometime in the next five days, and I’d be hearing, “It’s not you, it’s me…” My boyfriend comforted me.

but then i have people to talk to at work about Ph D related things.

i guess there are advantages and disadvantages to both (partner doing/not doing a Ph D).

actually, i recently met a Ph D student who i could potentially be interested in.

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