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Sometimes, the codependent is in a familial or other relationship that involves alcohol, substance abuse, physical abuse, pornography, gambling, or other destructive behaviors. Although, you also said he needed space and you didn't understand why. The girl had so many co-dependent ties with her ex that they still got rip roaring drunk together while he still pleaded for her to take him back.

The codependent has learned to interact or behave in such ways that they believe will help but never do. In general, I think it's great to be aware of issues and work on them. The question is what is healthy and what isn' can find a healthy balance that works you are all fall into sickness you are doomed! Also, she did all of the financials for his business, paid him out of his corporate account, did his taxes, and spent significant time with him and his son.

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Dating a codependent man

And that place we're going tomorrow will be better than any we've been before.

Unfortunately, the cause of codependency lies in the codependent.

It's very common to "cover up" the behavior of their loved one; this is called enabling. He chose his mate correctly and puts her first above everything. The sad thing is that so many long term couples are very much in a codependent situation also known as a mutually acceptable parasitic relationship. OP, you've had others posts about this same issue since the summer of 2011 with your boyfriend where you admitted that you both are hopelessly co-dependent.

By enabling, they are allowing the behavior to continue and cause avoidance of natural consequences. And I make a conscious decision every day to take care of me first. The guy in question has learned that and is doing something about it, oh but then the stigma of getting counseling. I just ended a 3-month relationship with my recovering alcoholic, needy, dependent ex-boyfriend. Although, you also said he needed space and you didn't understand why.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... As long as each takes care of the other, and puts them first,the relationship will flourish.1) No. 2) What it means to me is they have many issues, and have a lot of clean up work to do.

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Would you date someone who told you that they are afraid they were codependent in a previous relationship and are trying to change that about themselves? If they said they were in counseling to deal with this as well? If you are a healthy person OP, then you may have found someone who will cherish you. All these things you mention are clearly a problem. It is hard enough to get to know a person and not have toxic nonsense.

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