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Between 2000-2010, he served as the director of the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO), part of the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem responsible for the foreign media contingent in Israel.

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Other friends of Bette and Tina include Dana, a professional tennis player who is shy but eager to meet the right woman; Alice, a magazine writer who has a brief relationship with a self-identified "lesbian" man; and Shane, a hairstylist who can't stick to just one woman, and Kit, Bette's half sister who struggles with alcoholism.

I find it interesting that someone who only watched one episode could make such a broad statement of an entire season of episodes. It's more than worth watching a bunch of straight women (with the exclusion of, I believe, one or two of the actors) believably pull off a lesbian role. Written by, as I understand, mostly lesbian writers for a mostly lesbian audience.

Girls who date more masculine girls aren’t dating them because they secretly like boys. Stop equating less feminine girls to being like boys.

Stop forcing heterosexuality on lesbian couples Soy lesbiana, me encantan las mujeres guapas, y no por ello voy por la calle chiflandoles, volteando a verlas como si fuera un animal o gritándoles vulgaridades.

El problema no es el deseo, es tu pinche cerebro de cavernícola.

Annabelle is the wise-beyond-her-years newcomer to an exclusive Catholic girls school.

Jenny's life is turned upside down when she attends a party hosted by Tim's next-door neighbors, Bette and Tina, a lesbian couple who are about to take the step into parenthood after being together for seven years.

A brief encounter at the party with Marina, the owner of the local coffeehouse, suddenly has Jenny thrust into a whole new world that makes her question her own sexual orientation.

The lesbian community has been under represented for far too long.

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