Daily devotionals dating couples online

Consider this Biblical guidance for turning your fears into prayers so God can carry your burden for you.

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Discover Biblical wisdom for cultivating patience in your life and find the blessings that come through waiting on God.

Continue Reading • 2 minute read April 27, 2015 • Deb Koster Do you struggle with sinfulness in your life?

Discover the example God gives us in the book of Jonah for dealing with selfish attitudes and behavior.

Continue Reading • 3 minute read February 9, 2015 • Nadia Swearingen-Friesen Tired of hearing negative interactions?

Paul's parting greeting to the Corinthian church provides a good summary for living together.

Fidelity Check Verse: Numbers -28 Then he is to take his wife to the priest.

Continue Reading • 2 minute read March 23, 2015 • Janet Irvine Psy DListening is something difficult to do, and not very often seen in today's world. Discover what scripture says about freeing yourself from anger and finding joy and peace in forgiveness.

Continue Reading • 3 minute read August 13, 2015 • Deb Koster Do you ever say words you regret?

Consider what scripture says about our speech and learn to use words with care so that God is glorified in our speech.

Continue Reading • 1 minute read June 1, 2015 • Jason Ruis Do you struggle with holding your tongue?

Kelly Vander Woude Struggling to part with sinful habits?

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