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Cupid then tells Harper that love from his arrow is only temporary.

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Alex and Justin try to figure out what to do with Cupid.

Justin goes upstairs to help Max fix Cupid's arrow while Alex brings Cupid out of the lair.

Meanwhile, Alex tries to get into marriage and family class and is unsuccessful.

Harper starts getting annoyed with Justin because he started becoming very clingy and she does not have anytime on her own and that she is unable to live like this forever.

Cupid makes a weird noise and Max imitates it saying that he has a terrible stomachache.

Theresa then brings him upstairs to make him some tea.Harper comes into the sub shop and shows Alex a sweater she just made for Justin.Alex comments that it smells like shampoo and Harper tells her that it is made entirely of her hair.During the open house, Max goes to woodshop to fix Cupid's arrow and Theresa goes to Alex's marriage and family class. Max brings Cupid's arrow to the class and Cupid shoots the arrow at someone else instead.Max balanced the arrow and Cupid was unable to aim at Theresa properly.Alex tells Harper that Justin is upstairs fixing Cupid's arrow. Justin and Max finished fixing Cupid's arrow just before Harper comes up.

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